Tuesday, July 24, 2007

photo: My Hostel Room!

hehe... wondering how does my room look like?

tada.... I asked my roommate using her S.E. 2.oMP to take some photos and so I can upload them here:

my cupboard is quite big right! But its mirror is quite scary as I may be scared by myself if I look into mirror in the dark!
hehe... still remember this cute brown bear? like to hug it ^_^

this is the right corner. When we open the door, we can see symetrical structures, right = left side! Right is mine, Left is my roommate's. Each of us has two table, one is actually a PC table = my study table = where do I put my laptop; Another is a desk with drawer + lamp, a typical study table? haha.. but I just put my things on it!

oh, can you see a 5L water bottle there? I bought it on the first day I came USM. My water source is the 10cent per 500ml RO Machine available at many sites of USM. I still drink a lot of water, don't worry!


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