Friday, July 20, 2007

Incidents updated

When we received our Offer Letter last month, we'd got to know which hostel we were going to stay. I would stay at the hostel stated for permanent at least for this semester (I think semester 2 also the same), while Huey had to move to another hostel after during the last day of orientation week.

The hostel we stayed at first week was "Cahaya Gemilang (CG)". There are few blocks in CG, Huey and I stayed at one of the best and new-renovated block. Besides, CG is situated at a strategic place where it's so conveniet to reach the center of campus + bank facilities + Grand DTSP hall + Library 1 + Lecture Halls etc! We can go to those places within walking distance...
(actually we can walk to anywhere from here, depends on time taken-loh! some may take up to half hour! haha..)

Since Huey wasn't the permanent resident of CG (for most of the 1st year students), she and others had to move to the farthest + new hostel which is outside of the campus! She was so scared to do so after they visited the place one day.
Luckily, there was someone wishing to exchange with her! So she is able to stay at CG now, but at different block.... it is old, and previously was stayed by guys! It's good at location though...
Anyway, she's able to adapt to the environment now, the worst thing to her would be -- unable to get wireless connection there~ she has to come over my room whenever she wants to get online... a suffering to her

I'm lucky enough to get a good hostel! a good roommate! a good location to online! and.. you know, my room is number 123~

I'm now familiar with the routes in USM campus, I know some shortcut ways to the Lecturer halls, tutorial rooms etc~
I can walk quite fast too!Regarding outside of the campus, ... hmm... yea, my friends and I had 'explored' few places!

Once we finished our orientation (first week), we went to Tesco supermarket nearby on that Saturday, 7/7/07 (a nice date!).
On the next day, Sunday, we went to Gurney Plaza on our own without any Penang friend's guide! lolz~ surely we had our dinner at Gurney Drive too! yummy!!
We too always go outside of our campus to Sg. Dua to have lunch and there is where shops earning BIG money from us....

Last Thursday, there was the "Khazanah Global Lecture" held at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur, and 6 of the Local Public Universities were able to watch the event with live broadcast! The famous Kofi Annan was giving the lecture on that night.
Who is him? refer this site:
Actually I wasn't interested in this kind of lecture and also in politic, just that all of the first year students of USM were required to attend to the big grand hall DTSP for this function.
But it's a new different experience of course, too bad that my listening to english speech is indeed weak! =="

*just reminded by my friend Feern, what is today's date????
see it?
it is.. 20th..July... 2007 right?
so... 20.07.2007 = 2oo72007! wow, double 2007 eh.. hahaha


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