Friday, July 06, 2007

My 1st Week in USM

hey hey I'm in USM Penang now..... past the orientation already... hohohoho

I'm typing this in the Cyber Cafe of USM Main Campus... my hostel is quite good, but a bit hot... everything is better than expected.... hahaha

Orientation week here is quite boring and "easier" than expected too, no ragging, no bullying; but needed to sweat a lot, walk a lot, "taklimat" a lot.... and I've got to know many friends from different states everyday!!!!!
Hope that next week will not be another 'orientation week'...

hmm... will update if I'm free and willing to pay $$$ to get online ya... bye bye

*actually I go online now is to print my PTPTN surat pengesahan.. hahahahahahaha*


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