Friday, June 29, 2007

Goodbye KL

It's 4am now, but I'm still blogging huh...

shhh... tell you, I haven't finish my packing! oOpsss..!!!!

haih, just now was busy chatting and blogging lah...

I will be leaving KL to Penang later at about 2pm. My dad will be the driver, and my youngest brother will go with us too. Besides, Huey will be going together as she doesn't want her father to take the trouble sending her there.

Since our registration date is 30th June, we will search for a cheap hotel to stay upon our arrival at Penang on 29th (later lor..).

aiyaya... I will continue packing later and then sleep lor...
by the way, I will not bring my laptop first as I don't think I will have time to 'play' with my laptop during orientation and the probability of the laptop being stolen is high!
My dad will bring it to me when he visits me next time. But I'm not sure when will he visit me lah..

I think my hostel has provided the WiFi... so I should be able to get online then... or I may go to the library...

so... no update for the coming week (or weeks)...
I will miss my family... my mum will be lonely because I'm her listener..
I thought I wouldn't be sad but I am.
I will miss my friends very much too!

All the best again... to me and my fellow best friends....
Thanks for all the wishes from you all too, I will be okay!


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Gal... I gonna miss u badly... T_T
bao zhong ya hugzzz

June 29, 2007 11:25 am  

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