Friday, June 29, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

27.6.07 Wednesday
Jin invited Ching and I to visit the "Eye On Malaysia", at Titiwangsa Lake Garden, KL.
Thanks Jin for asking me... Mak and Jin had visited that place before actually...

She knew I wanted to go but nobody had asked me before.. haha... most of my friends went before but they went with other friends...

So... it was the first time for Ching and I to visit this giant Ferris wheel.
Actually it was nothing special but costed RM15 for the short ride...
But it was not bad too to view the KL night scene from high altitude.

After that, Mak sent Ching and I to "cui cui shui" to meet with Nee, Lee Wen & YingZhi. Jin & Mak didn't join us.

It would be my last visit to Kuala Lumpur before going to Penang to pursue my study. Thanks my friends..

Trio - Ching, Jin, Me~ best friends~

the Twin Towers


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