Thursday, July 19, 2007

Laptop + Wireless = Online?!

I was typing the last short post in my own hostel room, by using my own laptop, accessing internet with the wireless connection!!!! wakaka...

My aunt and uncle (the $$ one) brought me my laptop and some STPM notes from my KL home last Sunday!!! They also helped Huey to bring her stuffs too... and the most important thing was the PTPTN print-out! Until today we still haven't settled all the matters with PTPTN.... susahnya...

Once we'd got my laptop, we went out to the cyber cafe to register account for wireless (it's USM hotspot, but need to register at USM website first). We could went online at library also, but it was already close at 4pm.

After using some time to configure my computer, finally I am able to go online by using the wireless in my hostel room! yeah~
However, two days ago, USM authority had changed the wireless registration system, which now required us to use only the given USM email address during registration! I didn't do so and as a result, I failed to go online... but now the matter has been settled ^_^
*hehe... not bad-lah, I could configure the laptop on my own !*
(lolz, there's a guide provided in USM website of course, just many people usually lazy to explore them)


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