Thursday, July 26, 2007

photo: CG

This is the block I'm staying at Cahaya Gemilang, USM... the room cannot be seen from here.. it's on another side~

This is the side I meant, as you can see, my hostel is surrounded with flora and also Fauna (which you can't see them in this photo). Or I should say my campus is full with Flora & Fauna! Another name for my campus = Healthy campus = The University in a garden!
Because of the species richness, my room will be full of variety of insects during rainy days especially they happen in the night time @@"

The left brown door is my room....

Some relationships I've forgotten to mention about.. haha
I have a roommate named Chye Nee, her best friend is Thiam Hui who was also her schoolmate...
then Huey is my best friend, who was also my classmate + now is also my coursemate + classmate (or "hall"-mate? lolz)...
and then, Thiam Hui is Huey's roommate now at another old block of C.G.

so... haha.. kinda complicated huh?! Hence, 4 of us now are always together going for lunch, dinner etc~
(yup, Huey has many types of roommates actually, one is LSM who stayed with her together during orientation week;
then Huey also had one-to-be roommate at Saujana, the far far hostel but since she has exchanged with another girl, two of them are not roommates now lolz, but they are in the same group for ecology project!)
Staying in girl hostel made me felt that I'm studying at a Girl's school.. haha.. in addition to the ratio of girls > ratio of guys in my Biology school!


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