Saturday, June 16, 2007


Today was my last working day!

Happy =) ? or Sad =( ?

eh... I'm still normal, just felt a bit of relief and relax because I don't need to work anymore (at least for now lah...), I don't need to mark books, I don't need to face those naughty students and I can save my throat... and my feet can have a good rest too...
My nervous and worry feelings surpass others... the result of Public University application will be known in few days time! I wish to know it now!

I would be sad to leave if I was a class teacher or a subject teacher who had taught the same classes for months....
The fact is, I was just a relief teacher, the time I could spend with the same students was so little... it was not enough to make me feel sad to fall apart with them haha...

But I do miss few of the cute little students la... with small-sized body and big head + cute fair face! lolz

In the past week except Monday, I was the Malay Language teacher for 3 classes of standard 3. They were taught by my friend=ex-classmate, May Jing but she stopped working earlier than me, it was the last day before holiday started. She is now studying at UTAR, she scared she can't get a place in Local University.... (I'm also worried la....)

So I was so busy in these days... It's really tiring to be a subject teacher too, but as class teacher is even more tiring of course! I didn't mark so many books before... @@

Besides teaching Malay, I also need to teach Music -- Singing...
It's an easier task, enter the class, plug in the radio and then switch on it.... let them hear it for few times. Next, ask them to sing! But I also taught them to do some simple "actions" to do while singing the song.

Teaching standard 1 students to sing is better and easier than teaching the standard 3 naughty students!

By the way, actually at first I decided that my last working day was Yesterday. However, suddenly the government wanted students to attend schooling today as a relief of the Holiday of Hari Raya Puasa which will be in October!
So... I was asked by the teacher in charged to work for one more day... and since my salary is counted by days.... I just agreed to her and earned another RM30+ per day lo...

Here, I officially announce.... Elaine is not teaching at SJK (c) Desa Jaya already!
with the record: entered 48 classes, including 16 standard 1 classes, 16 standard 2 classes, 14 standard 3 classes, and 2 standard 4 classes (for co-curriculum).

To anyone who needs a part-time job now and obtained a Pass in Chinese SPM, you may consider to attend an "interview" at SJK (c) Desa Jaya to be a temporary teacher!
Start on 1st of July 07, the salary in increased! But I'm not sure how many percent although I was told it was quite lot...

Being a teacher is not bad afterall ^^



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