Monday, June 18, 2007

USM, here I Come!!!!!

hohoho... I've got my 2nd choice!!!!!!

Yesterday night I was having insomnia... I couldn't sleep!!!! and I have panda eyes now actually.... I didn't know the result of the application of Local Public University would be known today, I was just being too worried, what if I get nothing?

So, I sat in front of my computer today at about 12.30pm... and I visited without giving any hope...
Suddenly... oh... we could check it already!!! I was so nervous ... typed the IC number & the "angka giliran".... and waited... o.O University Sains Malaysia!
It was my 2nd choice... to study Sains (Biology) which includes Biology of plants, Biology of animals, and Microbiology, if I'm not mistaken.... We will choose the major on the 2nd year.

My 1st choice was Veterinary @ UPM... ya I expected myself not able to get it... so I'm indeed happy to get my 2nd choice =)
In case you don't know, the USM I'm going is located in Penang, not too far away after crossing the Penang Bridge~

In addition, Huey's got her 6th choice... which is the same course with me at the same Campus! Although she didn't expect it... but I do happy that one of my best friends can study at the same place with me! It will be a bonus if both of us become roommates! hahaha.. *dreamming*

Jin gets her first choice -- Law @ University Malaya!
Hoon gets her second (or 3rd?) choice -- Biomedic @ University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Ching... aiya.. she will go to NTU for business, for Local's.. she gets 1st choice too.. Business @ UM

hmm.. mixed feeling now... as I'm blur of what I should prepare etc... have to wait for the letter I guess...
By the way, it's a good present for my parents I guess.. at least I can enter University already!


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Feel quite helpless now... Need to prepare so many things >_<

June 19, 2007 3:19 pm  

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