Sunday, June 10, 2007

Incidents in these few days

Two days after I complaint to TM, their technicians came and fixed the problem. After long time of searching the root of the fault, finally... it was caused by the telephone wire in the room which couldn't function already. Aiyo, I thought it was the problem at their centre... by the way, the two technicians were very nice =)

On thursday 7th June, I had agreed to play badminton with my friends and seniors at the afternoon. However, suddenly on that day morning, my daddy said wanna go on a short trip to Kuantan with my mummy and would depart at 3pm.

They had planned to go on a trip since long time ago, it was not done as nobody (it's me to be correct) could help to take charge of the bookshop. My mum seldom go out, she has to 'hide' herself inside the bookshop as it's her working place, also where my parents stay.

Since I was still on holiday, I'd offered my help to take charge of the shop. So I had to reject the invitation to play badminton =.="

It was indeed boring to take charge of the shop for the whole day! What I did was watching television, reading comics & newspaper and eating @@"

hmm... if you want me to work at there for years surely it's very torturing. Imagine that my mum have worked at there for so many years.... it's a shop without air-conditioner... ! It's hot especially during the hours when the Bright-shinning Mr Sun is working hard.

Of course I understand how hard my mum has been working there....

On the night of 8th June, my parents were back safely =)
Seems like they had some good time there, as my mum kept on mentioning the beach there, how's the scenery and the things happened... hehe... I am really glad to hear them!

ahem... on that night too, I finally "went to the toilet" after almost-one-week constipation!
However, after that, I was feeling sick.... I had flatus, and was belching @@... and I couldn't sleep well the whole night! I felt like vomiting.... seems like I have some problems with my digestive system T_T

Woke up at the next morning, and still wanted to vomit (although I didn't vomit at all), had my breakfast 'carefully' by eating very slowly. Still, I just had very little of the noodles.... if I continued eating, surely I would vomit! Then, I back to my sleep.... for the whole morning and afternoon. I felt better then at night.. my dad asked me to eat ginger to 'dispel the gas' from my body... before sleeping, I ate some traditional medicine and rubbed some 斧标驱风油 "axe brand medicated oil" on my belly too...

Oh well, I'm okay now.... I didn't have my meals properly recently.. I guess it's the root of problem...


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