Monday, June 11, 2007

Mobility Fiesta 2007 - DiGi

I had planned going to Lowyat Plaza last Friday but failed as I needed to work for my mum. Then, I thought I would not be going there anymore.... but I had gone there with Ching & Jin yesterday by the way....

Huey was working at Lowyat Plaza there for 7 days during the Mobility Fiesta 2007 powered by DiGi. May is working there too but it's another part-time job to sell mp3/mp4.
While 3 of us went there purposely to join the Fiesta~

At 8.30am early in the morning (it's not that Early though.. just that I didn't wake up that early for a long time already), Huey came to fetch me but I hadn't waken up yet, ahaha paiseh lah...
Luckily, 5 of us were still able to catch the train at 9am, Huey had to be there by 10am!

Even though it's Sunday, it was not so crowded at that Early hour in the KTM or Monorail.. phew~ Once reached there, we had our breakfast at a chinese restaurant outside Lowyat Plaza.

Firstly, we registered ourselves and got the "doortag" and some free gifts.
To get the free goodies bag, we had to visit booth by booth to listen to the explanation of products before collecting 8 'stamps'. Besides, there were many other free services specially for DiGi users =) such as free 8 small-sized photo printing, and we were given 3 key-chains to put those photos; another free one photo printing and then pasted onto a piece of magnet; etc...

In addition, every registered DiGi users had chance to win away prize during the lucky draw session! You know, Ching won herself a Nokia 6070, the 5th lucky draw's prize at the first lucky draw session! At the moment her name was announced, 3 of us had just reached the 1st floor by escalator! lolz... we shouted from there so that her qualification to get that prize would not be cancelled. That emcee kidding-ly asked Ching to jump from there and he would catch her ahaha..
Ohoho, although it's not a very very good mobile phone (with less functions compared to others), it's better than nothing to get! She was lucky enough... However, it's quite easy to get a prize (but why not me?) as many people were not there, many names were called but no people turned up!

Of course, other than joining the events, we had bought something from the shops in Lowyat; Jin bought a cute pinky mouse for her benQ laptop while I bought a RM75's 1.3MP webcam for my daddy (so that he and I can view each other in the future hehe..).

When someone mentions about DiGi, what can you think of?
ah yes..... it is.... very Yellow right?!
Definitely we could see Yellow men in thie Fiesta! lolz
Maybe some of you say, yuck, I hate this Yellow fellow... yer... so ugly...
or some may say, yo... it's so cute... hehe, I like him~
Whatever you think, I guess everyone is impressed by this Yellow guy, it's the main purpose of the advertisement right? hoho... DiGi is successful in promoting itself then? (although can't deny the fact: coverage is still like 'that' ... =.="...)

haha, 3 of us took photo with that funny yellow fellow! He couldn't speak with anybody leh...but just kept on acting cute lolz

We started to go back at about 5pm! We were quite tired after walking for the whole day...
Next, my family went to fetch me at KTM station, we went to Kepong Carrefour before going for dinner at the Happy food court beside it. We had a very full & delicious meal to celebrate my mum's birthday on 9th June~

Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs by the time we finished our dinner! @@" so bad hor... Luckily the situation was not bad, I read from newspaper today saying that there was serious flood at Bukit Bintang KL! oo.. I was there at the afternoon oh!


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