Thursday, July 26, 2007

food; Bon Odori!

Last Last Saturday night, I went to the Night Market (pasar malam) at Sungai Dua (one of the USM entrance area) with my friends, by walking of course... and it's far too... opposite the Tesco Extra..
First time visited the pasar malam here, eh.. nothing special la.. but bought one special drink -- coconut water shake with vanila ice-cream... just for RM1.. lolz, not bad!

We always search for food... the food at my CG canteen is quite delicious and very cheap; the problem is they never change their menu for their mix rice......

The only chinese food available in campus is located at Bakti Permai, a hostel area nearby mine... and it's not cheap.... about the same price as in KL...
Another chinese stall is at Tekun, the far far hostel outside campus..

Outside the entrance of Sg. Dua, there are lots of chinese food to eat... so we actually always go out there for lunch after lectures~
Almost one month I'm here, I eat spicy food almost everyday.... the frequency I have fried food + junk food also increased... haiz...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last Saturday was my School of Biological Science's Hari Warga Bio.
Everyone of us from this school must join one of the activities prepared like exporace, kayaking, fear factor, 'sukaneka' (sports games) etc... Huey & I joined .... the trip to War Museum at south-east of Penang Island! hahaha...

Before going to the place, we had some talks given by the experienced Professors of School of Biological Science. Then we had some light breakfast before going on trip.
I thought we didn't need to sweat as we went by bus... and I thought it's a museum with air-conditioner.. mana tau.. it's an outdoor museum =.="

We had walked and sweated a lot ... the place was actually the preserved fortress.
We could experience the significant moments in Malaya during World War II and the life of British soldiers at Penang's largest preserved fortress, by listening to the explanation given by the "Tour Guide".

After that, we had our lunch at our school... yummy the food was very delicious! However, I was bitten by a big big ant T_T"
It's so painful... It's unusual.. seems like it's not a normal ant! lolz... later I become an AntWoman yer.... (just like why Peter in the movie becomes Spiderman)...

At afternoon then, Huey, Thiam Hui, Thiam Hui's coursemate & I took the bus provided by Japanese Language Society (paid) to Esplanade Penang to join the Bon Odori Festival~
(actually Shah Alam in Selangor also has this event, but I've never been before...)
It's too bad that it was a rainy night...
By the way, we still enjoyed the food ... we were holding our umbrella while sitting and eating hot mee soup in the rain! What a special experience..

So happy that we were given a "scarf" free by a stall boss! I don't know the exact name to call that "scarf", but japanese use it to tie at the forehead... there was a japanese helped us to tie it too! haha... looked nice!

The most enjoying part was dancing together with the performers on the stage... we didn't go up the stage (no space for us lah..), but joined the crowd to dance together was fun!

wow... I was so tired that day! Walked for the whole day, sweated lots... besides, the bite from the super ant was "spreading the poison"... I couldn't bend my right leg as it's so painful...
Luckily I am still a normal human now... I'm not an AntWoman!! I don't want! (scary! how if it's a mutated ant?... yer...)

*I may upload photos taken that day if I've bought a CF card reader. My aunt had borrowed her old digital camera to me...*


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