Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mr Bean's Holiday ^^

Today Mak fetched 3 of us -- CKY, Jin & Me to One Utama ~ CKY & Mak are my seniors, hehe... still remembered four of us had got to know each during the Penang Trip 05; two of them were sitting behind us!

Firstly, Jin & I went to buy movie tickets at TGV; I'd actually made the tickets reserve online, but we must collect them 45 minutes before the movie time... by the time of our turn to collect after queueing up for sometime, the reserved tickets had been opened for sales; Luckily we still managed to buy them and the seats' locations were quite good!

What made me unhappy was, the ticket seller ignored us while it was our turn! She didn't even say sorry or asked me to wait at all, then straight away talking to another customer standing beside us! What's the attitude she had! !!!!

We watched "Mr Bean's Holiday"~ I could still remember the last movie I watched was Deja Vu! It was a few months ago~.... Overall, it's quite funny... of course huh?! If not, Mr Bean is no longer Mr Bean~

After watching the movie, we went for shopping in Popular (haha.. to buy some reference books for my youngest brother; Jin wanted to buy for her tuition students); Next, they helped me to choose a 'good mouse' at a computer shop, I purposely buy that for my laptop ^^, costed RM30.
Then, because of me again, we purposely went to Giant, I wanted to buy the Tong Garden Broad Beans ^^ and also the A4 paper;
We went to MPH for a 'walk' too before having dinner at McDonald. At first, we thought wanna eat pizza at Pizzahut; but when we reached the place, it was under construction o.O haha...

wow... walked a lot today too.... hehe, the mouse I bought is not bad, I'm using it now! It's an optical mouse, in small size; and the 'wire' & USB plug also can be hiden inside the mouse too!



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