Sunday, March 25, 2007

Filled in the U-application!

wow... I didn't write blog for more than one week (about one week, the last post is not included of course)! It shows that I'm very busy! I'm having less than 6 hours of sleeping per day in this week!
Busy doing what?... you know, until this moment, I haven't filled in the online University application form!*up to 1am 26th March* The closing date is 28th March 2007!

I am so confused, I'm stressful.. I really don't know how to arrange the order.. what course actually suit me? ...
I must fill in the form today.. maybe later on... must do now or if there's any 'accident' happened, I will 'die'!

It's crazy... I want to put Veterinary as my first choice, the minimum pointers required for last year's survey was 3.75. It's a big difference between 3.25 and 3.75!
Many people said I shouldn't try.. it's surely I can't get... but I still wanna try, even I can't get, it just wastes me one chance... I have 8 chances, as long as I don't waste others too...

I had consulted Xiao Chen's senior -- Ee Ling (same as my name huh?)... she's the current student taking Vet in UPM, the only University that provide Vet course in Malaysia, amongst all Local and Private Universities!
She also thinks that it's nearly impossible for me to enter, according to her experience... she has coursemates who transfered from other course such as Microbiology or Nutrition in UPM to Vet, after one year of studying. To transfer from one course to another course is possible, but it's hard, one must obtain very good result to have a chance to do so...

So... I will put Microbiology in UPM as my 6th choice, if I am able to enter this, then I may try the way to transfer after one year.. haha...

My choices (after few times of editing before I made the decision to fill in the form at about 1am of 26th March 2007):

3. SAINS (MIKROBIOLOGI) 3.25~3.67-3.50 @ UKM
4. BIOTEKNOLOGI 2.75~3.83-3.67 @ UMS
6. BACELOR SAINS (MIKROBIOLOGI) 3.20~3.59-3.2,3.5 @ UPM
7. SAINS (MATEMATIK) 3.08~3.67-3.08 @ UTM
8. SAINS (MATEMATIK INDUSTRI) 2.67~3.67-2.75 @ UTM

*the pointers shown behind the course name: min~max-mod @ name of University

so, do you think I'm taking big risk? Don't talk about the 1st choice, how about the 2nd one? At first, I wanted to put biomedic USM, yes.. it's crazy.. but the minimum pointer last year from survey (in kexijifen) was only 3.09, however the year before's 3.8!
So, I won't take risk for the 2nd choice, I like USM, and I know it's so competitive too! I was thinking to put "Sains Gunaan" biotechnology of USM for 2nd, but then... I know, many people opt for biotech, so to be safer, I choose Life Science - microbiology, which pointer required was lower.
and oh ya... I don't put any for UM, I know it's hard to get too... so among UM and UKM, I prefer UKM, I choose its Microbiology, after consulting my senior Theresa... I think I won't be unhappy to study it...

Thanks to my 'Consultants'
Good Luck to me, and my fellow form 6 graduates~

*I wrote the upper part of this blog in the afternoon, the lower part in the late night, after I filled in the form, before I went to sleep and then to work for my last day!*
I finished writing this at 2am! I will have only 4 hours of sleeping then...


Anonymous Jeanne said...

I must pray 4 u liao... so tat u'll kena the 1st choice.
Next time be my doggie's consultant, foc lolz :p

March 26, 2007 8:38 am  
Blogger KP Chen said...

Matematik Industri? Apa tu?

Anyway, good luck for your applications!

Belum cuba, belum tahu!

March 26, 2007 9:08 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

FOC wor.. then you also be my consultant lah ya.. FOC also ya.. muahaha.. Lawyer Jin (hope you kena lawyer lah ya..)

Matematik Industri.. the subjects including maths lo, computer's lo..
can be teacher, quality control, in project management, finance institution etc...

haha.. I think if they do only give me the last choice.. then I will also accept la.. unless i have other better offer..

March 26, 2007 10:17 pm  
Anonymous ping said...

It's not a matter of wasting one chance although at the end of the day you are the one who decide. It's about putting a risk on your 2nd or 3rd choice which I think you stand a better chance. It's about being realistic in the face of competition. Taking a chance on something uncertain can be costly. Anyway, good luck. Hope for the best and let me know the result.

March 26, 2007 11:16 pm  

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