Friday, March 09, 2007

I hate doing Sales...

Talk about working, aiyo!
5 of us - Aida, Ching, Huey, Shamsul and me... were really stressful! We have always been 'pushed' to get sales! Whenever our manager passing by our table, he would ask, where's your sales?!!!!

Do you think I don't want to get any for you? Now, I'm really stressful to see his face, to hear his voice bla bla bla... every rest time is the best time to relax, to take a breathe, to avoid from seeing him... but yesterday we were unlucky enough to have met him during lunch hour, even worse, we sat together at a same table to eat chicken rice =.="

It's the service that doesn't suit customers' need, not because we cannot bring the message clearly to our dear Valued Customers! We know how to speak, and in fact, the customers who wanted to sign up are the ones who really interested in that service, we didn't need to explain much to them or what, once you tell them briefly what's the service about, with the affordable price, they will agree to sign up at once!

yes, I know I can't speak that fluently in English, but I do speak it to my customers who cannot speak Mandarin. You know, he asked why we kept on speaking in Mandarin to the customers. So, did he think that we were speaking Mandarin to the 'wall'? Did he think we are fools?

From the beginning, he had already known that we all have had no experience at all in doing sales! I am a 'scientific' person, I don't like to persuade/force people to 'buy' the things they don't need. I hate to do sales, I knew it!
I'm not saying that we are lying to our customers, it's just that in the case of doing sales, we have to be 'fake', we have to say sweet things, we have to persuade them, we have to pretend that we are the BEST.... we have to be OVER-promoting our service by making them feel that the 'small matters' are BIG matters!
Whoever knows me, how do you think of me? Do I like to pretend? (maybe some of you may say I'm.. ok, it's ok..). I personally think I'm the kind of person who likes to talk straight-forwardly... I don't wish to be fake... it's so suffering!

Let me teach you something, I don't know if you have ever heard about this, do the following: Thumbs up, try to observe your thumb, is it straight? or is it curved?
If it's very straight, that means you are a straight forward person and hence may hurt other people easily without knowing it, naive, you don't like to cheat etc... and easily be cheated? haha...
If it's the opposite, so... you may be someone who has many ideas, who seldom reveal your true feeling/side to others, and is trickiness! =p
I'm not guaranteed it's 100% true but I think... you judge it on your own lah...

can you see it -- how straight is my thumb? It's how naive I'm .... =.="

Why .... !!!! I really wish that I can stop working as a telemarketer...
Why would I want to agree to the last manager to transfer to do sales? Well well well... I know, at least I know! I know that I do hate to do sales, I hate the pressures... I won't be a salesperson then... in the future, that's why I didn't study Economy, Politics, Business etc!!!!

*today, I had finally got one customer to sign up, but.. when I sent the addendum to him by fax, I sent to the wrong number! How careless I am! Just hope that he will not cancel it by Monday ... haiz...



Blogger zickleer said...

everyone hates dat....thats what i feel...its like always have to fulfill some quota...sigh...if go to work everyday with that in mind,sure get damn stress wan...;) least now u know which line u wont go:)

March 16, 2007 11:17 pm  

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