Monday, March 26, 2007

the LAST day of being a Telemarketer!

woohoo... it's a relief.. I don't need to make calls to customers anymore, to persuade them to sign up the additional service! yay~

As title, today was my last day of working at TYCO fire & Security.

I am used to press number '3' before pressing the phone number, to call customers... because without pressing number '3', we cannot call out, but only able to make internal call, the extension..; and even at home, I always press number '3' too.. haha...
I am used to punch card, right after stepping in the office, and also before going home.
I am used to key in my computer access id & password, and for the software we use too..
I am used to say thank you, welcome, bye bye at the end of the conversation, even if the people on the other side is my friend, or anyone who rejected me on something..
I am used to scan my access card in order to open the glass door to enter the company, also to go out from the company..
I am used to wear a coat as sweater inside the office, yet I still felt very cold !
bla bla bla.....

After working for 3 months here, we have got used to many things... In the same company, we had worked in 2 different departments, which required the common skill -- to deal with customers.
First, working in CMS, we need to make calls fast, to 'catch' thieves! Second, working in telemarketing, we must try our best to persuade customers to sign up the additional service!
3 of us prefer to work in CMS, our colleagues would help us when we weren't able to handle the situations, they were so helpful!
We also like to help customers in the troubles they face more than saying sweet words to make more sales... although our purpose was to Help them also.. with $$

*as I mentioned before, the next job is being a temporary teacher... 3 of these jobs require me to talk and talk and TALK! Although I'm indeed talkative...

We had had a small gathering with our old colleagues, Abang Man (Osman) paid for 7 of us including himself. We had a good moment together eating chicken rice~

Overall, surely we have learnt much from this working experience! It's more than working as a promoter, I supposed? Office work is boring and tension also... you wanna tell me, every job also the same? I know it, so.. just hope that I will find my way out in the future, by doing the things I like!

didn't dare/able to take any photo in the office, so.. just took some in front of Ching's house, to show our office wear? haha..

~ Huey & Ching ~

3 of the popular young telemarketers in TYCO!



Blogger KP Chen said...

Why previous entry missing de? Don't want to jeopardise your chances?

Anyway, you three quite leng lui wo! Haha. Syok la, no need to work liao. I'm still stuck at my job. LOL.


March 27, 2007 10:40 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

ya... you're right... just in case someone with the same CGPA see my choices, then he/she purposely do the same with me.. then.. not good lo..
haha... I still need to work la.. tomorrow!

thanks for your compliments =p
the one wearing green colour cloth is the TOP in my school, 4.00!

March 27, 2007 6:56 pm  
Blogger KP Chen said...

FUA! Good planning.

And you're kinda perasan eh? Just kidding!

Good luck to you and your friends oh!

Prove that leng luis have brains. LOL.

March 27, 2007 9:10 pm  

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