Saturday, March 31, 2007

Acer Aspire 3683NWXCi

oh yea~ I own an Acer Laptop!

For the specification:
Aspire 3683NWXCi

It costed RM2k - RM1.00 ....hahaha.. excluded Genuine Window XP

Most of my net friends/friends asked, who bought for you?! You bought it by using your own money? hmm...

hehe, I can tell, I love my dad, muacks~ know it?

so good? He bought me the laptop for few reasons, 1st-going to study in University; 2nd-my desktop is old enough; 3rd-as a present of getting 3.25 (although he's not satisfied with it =.=", I myself also not happy with it lah..); 4th-as "another event" present...

It's actually just a laptop with not really good specification, I mean, it's good enough for me, but not as good as those with 3k etc... My dad is afraid that mine would be stolen, so it's the reason he doesn't want to buy me a very good one, he knows I'm careless.... I can't guarantee him about that case... because it's indeed easy to be carried away~


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