Friday, March 16, 2007

my BAD=GOOD STPM result

Yesterday was 15th March 2007, Wednesday = the day of STPM result released...

On 14th night, my friends -- Goh, Wei Jie, Huey, Ching, Jin, May & I went to "Camp Forest" in Desa Jaya to yumcha.... to Countdown together... surely we wouldn't able to sit well, to eat well or to sleep well....
At about 12.10am, we went home, I went online and checked something, since I'd worked for the whole day, luckily I did go for working... I could sleep very soundly... just that I woke up automatically at about 9am, and couldn't sleep anymore...

15th morning, Jin came over my house, I went to fetch Ching with Jin in the car, then we went to school... to wait for our result to be released!
It might be the last time that so many of us could gather together...

At about 11.15am (not really sure, is it?), our Cik Farah had finally returned back from MPM...
ok.... I know, many of you are wondering, how BAD/GOOD is this girl's result?

To me, it's good enough, it's more than what I've expected, the God has given me more than I should get, remember... I was so lazy, I didn't study hard in the one and a half year, I didn't put the maximum power in it!
yet... I am not really happy; I'm not really contented, because I used to score far more better in the past important exams.. it's the Pride which make me felt sad, I'm nobody lah...

my BAD=GOOD result:
Pengajian Am ===== A- , 3.67
-- PA 1 = A
-- PA 2 = B+

Mathematics T==== B+, 3.33
-- Math T 1 = A-
-- Math T 2 = B+

Chemistry ======= B, 3.00
-- Chem 1 = B+
-- Chem 2 = B-
-- Chem 3 = A-

Biology ========== B, 3.00
-- Bio 1 = B
-- Bio 2 = B
-- Bio 3 = B+

*** CGPA *** = 3.25

Congratulations to my best friend Ching, she is the only student who obtained 4 flat, 4.00! *clap hands*
Same with the case as last year, Sivaraj, my senior was from Art stream, Ching the same too. Both of them are the students who changed from pure science stream into Art's!
Jin is not bad too, she's got 3.92, actually the subject Econs was the one she was so confident to get A but it turned out to be A-! Sometimes things are weird...
Hoon... she's the best student in our school's Science stream = 3.75... with 1A, 3A-
It's quite good, but too bad to say it's not good enough for her to apply the course she wants... she was so sad.... haiz...

Congratz to KpChen too! He's one of the top student who obtained 5As~

Wishing all of us will able to get what we want in our University Application!
well.... there're still about 8 or 9 days to think about my future... I don't know what I want!

*I don't mind to tell my result to my friends, and I do thanks them for being concerned about me! but hor... I'm actually scared to hear "what's your next plan" from them, many of them asked this question to me, I have nothing to say in fact... because I am still blur-ing... T_T... sorry to say so...



Blogger zickleer said...

wow...u beat me!..hehe:)
wow,all that hardwork is worth it right?..;)
goodluck for the next challenges in ya life...


March 16, 2007 11:28 pm  

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