Friday, March 09, 2007

the day after 14th March 07

15 Mac 2007

Semak melalui SMS : Taip STPM <> No. K/P dan hantar ke 39003

On-Line :
mulai jam 11:00 pagi, 15 Mac 2007

hey, it's 15th Mac! After the rumours of the STPM result release date being spreaded for long time, the MPM finally will to announce the date, while the SPM's will be on 12th.
I wish I can get at least 3.0 ... haiz.......................
Besides, I haven't decided yet about the course I'm going to apply, and also which University?

Well, I'm actually thinking of applying the University which is far from KL, so that I can reduce the frequency of going home! Will I be having homesick then? I think I will not... because my home isn't a sweet place to stay afterall.... see how first....

a chinese website to visit before making decision in application:
We can know about the average, maximum or minimum CGPA (科系积分) that obtained from the surveys done so that we may able to get the course we wanted with higher chance by filling the correct one.
It is only for reference purpose, thanks to the ones who set up this website and their efforts in helping us especially we as the STPM-ers by doing surveys etc...



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