Saturday, March 03, 2007

am I an irritating Telemarketer?

As I've mentioned last time, started on 1st March 07, 3 of us -- Huey, Ching and me would have transferred to a new department -- telemarketing.. and we are now Telemarketers!
2 days before that, we'd been trained for 3 hours regarding the skills and mission of this telemarketing by Ms Jenny.

Our office is on ground floor now together with salesperson, We are no longer Operator of Central Monitoring Station (CMS)... it's quite sad to be apart from our seniors there, they are nice people who were willing to teach us and joke with us!
By the way, the benefit of the job currently is that we can have off days like normal working people -- Saturday and Sunday; Another one, we can get commision from every contract signed up.

Together with us working as telemarketers are 1 malay guy(old staff here), 1 new indian guy and 1 new malay girl, make a total of 6 person.
I can say, it's quite tension to work here, everyone can hear the way you talk to the customer as sometimes the office is quite silent.. besides, working in telemarketing to introduce a new service means you have target to reach... we are expected to make 40 calls per day, to get 1 contract signed up per day!

sigh... 3 of us have got none contract signed up after working 2 days here, and we were unable to make 40 calls too! The malay girl has got 4 customer saying YES to her already!
You know, my manager told me, he expected me to be the top salesperson as he thought I can speak better being more talkative.... so sorry, I have made him to meet dissapoinment! and I'm now questioning my way of speaking...
What's the problem do we have? I've tried hard to sell the service... talking and talking... it's really tiring to talk nonstop to different customers by repeating the same content to them... I would get very thirsty too then have to drink water even more frequently....

In addition to that, some of the customers would think we are irritating, before we continue to talk after the greeting, they would say they are busy, they don't need it, or say Please don't call me again, I'm not free! Or.. just cut off the line! Some of them will try to complain everything to you, so we have to accept everything calmly, bla bla bla...
We are kinda fed up of getting rejects by them @@

I don't like this job! Really hoping that 28th of March will reach soon -- the end of our working contract !

Although I'm talkative, I feel like not to talk so much now...



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