Monday, February 26, 2007

31 houses so far!

yesterday was Chu 8, the Big day of Hokkien 'lang' -- to 'bai tian gong'. It was the noisiest night during CNY too... because many people dared to play fireworks although this activity had been banned!
I agreed that it's dangerous, accidents may happen easily... however, without any fireworks, the atmosphere is weird, CNY will be unlike CNY!

You know, I've visited 31 houses so far during CNY! haha.... this is my first time to visit so many houses in just few days! I did so not mainly to get Angpow actually, you may think I'm cheating... I just didn't want to stay at home like past years!
Therefore, I tried hard to ask my friends to go out together, most of my best friends were not here, so at the end, I joined different gang -- seniors, May's friends, and my form 5 classmates. I'm actually not close to most of them, I didn't even talk to some of them before that!
haiz... so paiseh to get angpow from them...

*If I didn't ask my friends on my own, I might end up staying at home everyday! see... nobody does really care about me... they don't like to go out with me T_T

I've started working since Saturday 24.2.07, but today was my off day.
Ching, Huey and I met Chin Lik Kwang at Kepong Sentral station at 7.30am when we were going to work! hoho...he was my primary school classmate, my standard 6 monitor! wow... I always meet my old friend here huh...

Starting from this week onwards, Huey, Ching and I will be having off days like other normal working people -- Saturday and Sunday. And we will have training of our new job tomorrow.
I was quite bored today, doing nothing special, listening to songs, viewing some sites, chatting, downloading.... wanted to go out but nobody was able to do so.

ah ya, I've no SPECtacles to wear now T_T
The frame was broken, it's still can be used, but just weird to look, and may fall off easily.
Even though today I was free, but.. who could go with me? No one oh... I didn't want my daddy to go with me because he will be annoyed by the salesperson, he always think that the prices is not fair bla bla bla...

*hey, do you still remember I've got wearing a pair of spectacles?! hehe... some of you may don't know because I don't wear it when I take photos =p



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