Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ching's Big Day

today is Ching's 20th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Ching Ching ^^

Yesterday Huey & Ching went to Petaling Street to borrow books from a library there, then they had a walk here and there....
Then, Huey fetched us to Selayang Mall to have a walk. They purposely went there with me to accompany me, to buy a new pair of spectacles. Thanks to them, they helped me to choose the one that suits me, hope the outcome is good, will take it few days later... hehe... it costed me RM159.

Next, we went to Watson to buy something such as facial washing foam etc... we had stayed there for quite some time before going home at 5pm.

At 8.00pm, Jin fetched 3 of us and went to Jusco Metro Prima. We'd got to know that 5th of March (monday) will be the opening of TGV cinema at the rooftop here! oh yea, it will be more convenient for us to watch a movie since it's nearby our place ^^
After walking around for a while, we went to Starbucks to 'yumcha'! This was my very FIRST time to have a drink at Starbucks! 4 of us had spent RM54.39 there... with 4 coffee & a piece of Cheese Cake.
Ching didn't need to pay any, because we paid it for her =p, we ordered the cheese cake which costed RM8++ per piece just for her ^^

I think I wouldn't want to go Starbucks during normal days as it's of high standard, I'm not rich enough to drink there!

At about 11pm, we went to May's house to 'kacau', she was having BBQ party with friends, most of them were her brother's & sister's friends. We just chatted for a while then we went home by 12am.

Ching, you're 20 now! A big 'jie jie' oh... haha... wish you to have some changes that you've never tried, such as -- ear piercing?! hehe... Hope that you will get your achievable 4.00!


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