Friday, February 23, 2007

23rd : 大年初六

At 1.20pm, Huey came to fetch me, we went to 'disturb' Ching first. We wanted her to follow along but she refused!

Next, we went to our senior's house -- Kian Yong (CKY)'s. He was doing his experiment report o.O... hehe... he was then persuaded to go out with us~

hey, so nice huh, the background!

After that, we went to Weng Hong (WH)'s house. I had forgotten where's it, so I called and asked, he told me he was at Benny's house!
Then, we thought of visiting Mei Kuan's house nearby his. When we reached her house, through phone she told us she's no longer staying there! She had moved to the new house in Bandar Sunway SPK! We were like... huh?!
So, we called Benny, to decide where we should go... and he told us he was at Weng Hong's house! What???? Benny and WH were at each other's house?
Benny then came to lead us to Weng Hong's house... sooner WH also came back with May Jing (MJ) and Raymond. Huey parked her car there, we went to Jin's house by Benny's car.

Jin then followed us, the next station was Yong Jian's house. By that time, there were so many of us -- Benny, CKY, Jin, Huey, WH, MJ, Raymond, Yong Jian and me. Then, we went to Jian Wei's house. Leslie went to join us too. "Went to one house, added one more people to join the bai nian trip"!

After that, we used much time to search for Mei Kuan's new house in Bandar Sunway SPK. woot... it's quite big, it's a double storey house~ there's still less residents for this moment in this new area, we would be asked by the security guard before entering the area!
By the way, Mei Kuan didn't follow our trip.

Standing row: Yong Jian, Kian Yong, Leslie, Raymond, Jian Wei, Weng Hong
Sitting row: Benny, Jin, Me, May Jing, Huey, Mei Kuan

We then back to WH's house as his parents were back, we could take angpow =p
Huey drove her car back home for a while as she needed to buy food for her brother, she also sent CKY back as his friends wanted to visit him. At the same time, Kwang Yuan met us there before going to Benny's house.

Benny parked his car at his house and couldn't drive it as his parents needed it. By that time, there were 3 cars - WH's, KYuan's, Leslie's, we went to Raymond's house a short while after that.

Before going to Leslie's house, he sent me home. I drove my daddy's car out for everyone's convenience. With me were Jin and Benny. We went to fetch Huey then to Leslie's house.
After playing cards for a while, we went for dinner at one of the chinese restaurant in Aman Puri at 8pm. We had 'lou sang' too~ paid by Raymond! Each of us (Benny, Jin, Huey, MJing, WHong, KYuan, YJian, Raymond, Leslie, JWei & Me) needed to pay RM 8 only, for 5 dishes~ quite cheap huh?

Girls went home after the dinner, I sent MJing & Huey back while WHong sent Jin back. All of the guys then went to JWei's house to "play...."... ~

1. Ching's house
2. Kian Yong's house
3. Jin's house
4. Yong Jian's house
5. Jian Wei's house
6. Mei Kuan's house
7. Weng Hong's house
8. Benny's house
9. Raymond's house
10. Leslie's house



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