Friday, February 23, 2007

22nd : 大年初五

Woke up at 11am again ~ because I slept at 4am recently... to blog! hehe...

In the afternoon, at about 3.40pm, Weng Hong came to fetch me, with May Jing in the car. Next, we went to fetch Hoon before going to Benny's house.

After taking angpow and wanting to leave, Benny's mum found that Weng Hong's car's tyre had burst (am I using the correct word?), so bad luck huh.. then Benny's father helped to change to the spare tyre~

Benny's house was broken in last Tuesday, the 3rd day of CNY! for more details, click the link:

It's really a panic experience! Hope everything will be fine, good things do happen after bad lucks ok! Beware of burglars! If you want to install alarm system, tell me! haha...

After that, we -- Weng Hong, May Jing, Benny (he's not our form 6 student though), Hoon and me went to visit Pn Ng, our U6S1 form teacher in Menjalara. Goh did join us too, he had just back from Malacca~
We met our seniors there ~~ Fei Bing, Theresa, etc.... such a big gang... We didn't talk much or eat much when our seniors were there.. haha.. shy shy ler.. We had spent much time there busy chit-chatting until we were late to Pn Chia's house, she was our Chemistry teacher.

Standing row: Hoon, Benny, Goh, Weng Hong
Sitting row: Me, Pn Ng, May Jing

Took this in the garden of Pn Ng's house (outside)

Next station was Min Huey's house. She had just back from Cameron Highland ~ Goh, Hoon and me were the only ones went there, 3 of the others went back to sleep as they were lack of sleep, had been busy playing "MahJ..."~
So, since Goh was in rush to meet his gang of boyfriends in his house, he sent us back to my house after that. I then drove my daddy's car to Siow Teng's house, Hoon and Min Huey followed along~

Siow Teng was just after working, we then together went to Yunn Zhi's house.. hehe... I had been searching for opportunity to her house for days! She was always away, so busy oh... Finally I grabbed the right time to go.. but it was about 10.15 pm already...

The last station, it was Hoon's house again, I had just gone there yesterday though, Huey & Teng were not yet been there. In addition, I wanted to take photo at her house, I had forgotten to do so yesterday night!

Actually I'd forgotten to tell about a story happened during the visit to her house yesterday. I put my car's key on Hoon's car after parking behind it, and didn't lock my car! So, when we wanted to go the next station, I couldn't find my key in my bag...... then the whole big gang helped me to search here and there.... lolz... Luckily they found it, and my unlocked car was still there with everything ok OR I will be scolded by daddy =.="

Took at Hoon's house, left to right: Huey, Teng, Hoon

nice? hehe...

1. Benny's house
2. Pn Ng's house
3. Pn Chia's house
4. Min Huey's house
5. Siow Teng's house
6. Yunn Zhi's house
7. Hoon's house



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