Wednesday, February 21, 2007

20th : 大年初三

Woke up early in the morning (the earliest since CNY) at 7.50am, sent my younger brother to KTM station at 8.25am then.
Next, I was well-prepared, waiting my seniors to fetch me.... after Half hour of long waiting..... neo finally came, with Wei Quan, Fiona & Wai Leong inside the car... someone had overslept...
So here we started our Bai Nian trip ~ I was the only junior =.="... weird enough I know....! What to do... my friends of my batch are all not available in KL ~.~

1. Xiao Hui's house
All of them are my seniors~
all of us were in RED (I wore red jacket)~!

2. Twin's (Sheue Yin's & Sheue Jin's house)

3. Chun Kit's house
There were so many of us! Senior Chun Kit had to pack his things, he needed to rush to catch the bus later to Johor....
this moment might be the peak hour with the maximum number of us gathering at a house

4. My house (Desa Jaya)
weird poses.... all started to be tired... & HOT!

5. Wai Leong's house
was really hot, the weather... we drank cold "sky juice" here.. lolz... didn't want any sweet drinks !

6. Yen Fei's house
to tell the truth, I don't really know this senior, he didn't know me as well!!!!
He's the one sitting at the right corner, wearing pinky shirt~

7. Kean Wah's house

8. Chee Seng's house

9. Wei Quan's house

10. Neo's house
so Many Dolls? See the Angpow we'd got for the whole day~

11.Fiona's house
this was the last Station.... took it before going home ~ in front of Fiona's house~

After going to Neo's house and thinking for long, we went for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant nearby his house... by that time, there were only 8 of us, Kean Wah didn't join us but went home to eat with his family; he then came back to fetch some of them since he was one of the driver..
We had ordered 5 dishes and this dinner costed us RM116.55 ~ it was a very full dinner, and was the only REAL dinner... I didn't have my breakfast and lunch other than eating lots of biscuits, junk food etc...

Overall, I'm quite happy today, many funny things had happened, although I'm not really close with some of them actually, I still enjoyed the visits... besides the little time I was sitting alone day-dreaming as they were busy chatting with each other~
Thanks Fiona for asking me to go along.... ^^
for more photos and in bigger size...

After back to home, I'd got to know that my parents and my youngest brother went to Midvalley just now. They went to watch movie! It had been a very long time that my mum watched a movie in a cinema!
Besides, there was a surprise for me! My mummy and daddy had bought me a Golden Key (pendant)!!!!!
It will be my 21st birthday present !
haha...I'm still 19 years old at the moment... However, if counted according to chinese calendar (is it?), I am 20 years old; and about 2 months later I will be 21!
I like the pendant very much, it's so cute and lovely (because there are Love shapes!), muacks~~ love my mummy and daddy ~ hehe



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