Thursday, February 22, 2007

21st : 大年初四

Woke up at 11am, then I went to my mum's bookshop there... She opened the shop for half day.

In the afternoon, my daddy fetched mum, my youngest brother and I to the Hong Leong bank in Kepong. We saved some cash into our saving accounts and my parents did some other things as well...
After giving my saving passbook for the details update, my dad checked and found that the interest given was so less, it was only RM7++ for the past one year! It was indeed less for the amount I saved! Then, we requested for checking, the kind girl said it might be the technical problem (computer wrong database?), so she was not sure too, however, she would help to forward the problem to the headquater office to ask.
so, Remember to check your passbook everytime!

Then, we went to One Utama for a walk... we had used much time to find a parking lot!

At about 8pm, I was too bored that I was forced to call and sms my friends... to invite them for bai nian... I've said I don't want to be the one to invite, see! I'm doing it again! haiz....
After sending my younger brother to KTM (he was going to Melaka from Pudu, to visit his friend..wor..), I fetched Hoon and went to Kar May house for a while.

1. Kar May's house
- for less than 10 minutes

2. Sook Nee's house (met yingzhi and wei jie there)

3. Yap Hoon's house

4. Chai Yuen Yee (ying er)'s house
- with all of us there.. except Siew Hoe & Lee Wen

5. Siew Hoe's house
- all of us went there..

6. Wei Jie's house
- the last station, the only place where we did take photos..
- we went back by 1am!

Standing row: Lee Wen, Liew Cheng, Yuen Yee, Kar May, Yap Hoon, Me
Squating/Sitting row:
Siew Hoe, Wei Jie, Sook Nee, YingZhi, Chee Hao, Kam Soon

Sook Nee & Me, and can you notice somONE behind, with no legs? haha

Leng (me) & Hoon



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