Thursday, December 07, 2006

these 2 days...

How did I spend my first day of holiday?

6 of us -- Ai Feern, Goh, Hoon, Mei Kuan, Siow Teng & Me went to sing Karaoke at Redbox in the Curve. After 3 hours of singing, we went to Popular.....
wah... just after exam, visit bookshop again? haha... it was weird when I passed the STPM section, haha.... yes! I don't need to search for STPM books anymore!

Talking about books, I haven't tidy up my study table, my bookshelf etc.... I will tidy them later on, too many papers, books, exercises etc........ although it's just one and a half year...
Then, I will sell some of them to my juniors, keke... and of course will give some of them free lah....

I bought a photo album for myself & a PMR Geography reference book for my youngest brother who will study Form 3 next year.
I have too many photos, so I want to keep them in this photo album accordingly... hehe... nice memories.... but actually this photo album can only keep 200 photos, it's not enough to put all of my photos!

We left the Curve afterwards, it was only about 3.45pm. Then, Goh sent Hoon back first as she had to attend a wedding dinner later on. Next, we followed Goh to a Car Showroom [where you can see expensive cars] located in Jalan Ipoh. He was asked to take photos of the cars to produce advertisements.....
Since he was in rush, he didn't manage to send us back first, while we were free, so we went along with him.
However, we were not boring when 5 of us were waiting in the restroom, because a lady working there came over and talked to us, she was so talkative and chit-chatting with us. She had even told us about her experience of visiting the Disneyland in Hong Kong~ besides, she purposely went upstairs to take her laptop, and showed us the photos!
hmm... she is really suitable to work as a Car Promoter? (I don't know what's her job lah...)

The whole night, I sat in front the computer again to do my online 'chores'... haha...

*wow, The Curve has been decorated with Christmas Tress etc..... I think the same with the other shopping complexes, yeah... Christmas is coming soon!
*Luckily Goh's car [Juara] is big enough, there were 6 of us went to The Curve in a Car!

and Today, is the Merdeka Day for All Form 6 Students! No More STPM!
Hooray... my friends~~~~

I didn't do anything special today other than arranging the photos.... hmm... oh ya, I've changed the song of My Blog too!....
Turn on the speaker and you would be able to listen.... (drag to the bottom of this blog and you can turn off it, adjust the volume....)
The theme is Christmas! It's actually one of the BGM of Ragnarok Online game=p


Anonymous Jeanne said...

U change the bgm liao ah?
No wonder my real player suddenly plays RO bgm... I tot kena attacked by virus pulak hahahah.

Hooray !!! Yippie!!! Banzai!!!
bai bai STPM~~~

December 07, 2006 8:32 pm  

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