Friday, November 10, 2006

10th Nov -- the F6 Graduation Day

Today was my LAST day of schooling !
We will be having a week of so-called holiday = study week before the STPM starts.

so... we were having the Graduation Ceremony just now at school assembly site for the whole morning -- just to listen to the talks & advices given by teachers and to receive our school leaving certification and testimonial. and Hey, my attendance was 181/194 days... not bad huh?

(yaya... of those absence, I had overslept for 2 days.... haha! and others.... as you know, they were my 'ponteng' days...)
The only one that obtained a special cert for 100% attendance from my class was Khoo... congratz... lolz.... there were quite a number of people getting this award from physics class while 2 were from U6A (Sau Yee was one of the two... oh yea... know the reason la... Khoo & Sau Yee... lor...)

After the recess, we were busy tidying up the classroom and arranging tables and chairs for our STPM exam....
aiyo... the classroom we are going to use is so dirty and dusty! We will not use our own U6S1 classroom, but the one right below our own one on the 3rd floor, a form 5 classroom..... our own one is far far cleaner and better!
Then, with the cooperation of almost every member of our U6S1 (ya, not everyone did their should-do job), we had finally cleared the tons of rubbish after some time, and had chosen the better quality of the tables and chairs....

by the way, we didn't feel sad but had a lot of fun doing things together... as the atmosphere was quite good, without any element of sadness.
In fact, we did feel sad yesterday when we were putting down the decorations on the boards in our own classroom... hmm... U6S1 of 2006 is a good class! I will miss all very much after the stpm!
haha... we were quite an united family compared to other classes (no offends to U6S2 and U6A ok! haha...) as we were of only 20 members~

and Of course, during the last day, we didn't miss the chance to take as many photos as possible!
Some of the photos taken are posted below, I may upload more after my STPM and also after getting the others from Goh...... (the class photos are all in his camera =.=")

I will blog more about my feelings and the summary of my form 6 life after STPM too... hehe... look forward to it ya.... muahaha....

5 Best friends... aiya... Sook Nee was not there!

Behind: Mei Kuan, Ai Feern
Front: Juvis, Min Huey, Ning, Hoon, Me

Juniors with me

2 leng lui juniors with me

Steven, Nee, YingZhi, May, Shi Sheng

Nee & May, holding the files with the certs inside.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow that's quite nice haha. F6 graduation day. Still a long way to go for my cert presentation ceremony =.= ..good luck in ur STPM! :D

November 11, 2006 11:24 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

thanks ~

November 11, 2006 3:57 pm  

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