Saturday, October 21, 2006

"HAPPY" Deepavali

I have had a very "HAPPY" Deepavali!!!!!!!
well, from the title, you can understand what do I mean....

Yesterday night when I was chatting online on MSN, 'someone' from my contact list sent me a msn message, saying something like this: "Is that you in the photo?" then there was a link followed by the sentence.... Due to my curiosity, and I saw the link given ended with ".jpg", so I thought it's no harm to open it.... once I clicked the link, a new window popped up, asking me to save or open the file..........
Without any thinking, I saved it.... ya... next.... I want to open the file and see, I searched it on the dekstop, it turned out to be few new unknown icons......... and I couldn't find any file in picture format..... while I was still wondering..... at the same time, many MSN Conversation Windows were popping up nonstop, and they were sending the same message I received just now to those from my contact list who were online!

The story until here, I guess you should have known what had happened to my computer?
I HATE Trojan Horse Virus!
I HATE the one creating Virus!!!

But I won't hate the one sending me the virus... because she was also the victim of this stupid Virus (seems like it is not stupid though...), and I had become the next after her....
And I want to apologise to those online and had received the 'auto-forward virus message' from the virus..... if you have become the victim, sorry and sorry, I didn't mean to spread the virus to you..... really sorry!

If you read my blog, you know how many times I had formatted my computer in this crucial year.... how much time I had wasted in fighting with the Virus/spyware intruding my computer.....
Until this moment, I haven't formatted my computer, I guess I have succeeded to clear the virus.... but I'm not sure that the 'brain' of this virus has been destroyed thoroughly or not!

The Moral Of this Incident: Think Before You Click!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The next "Happy" incident had happened in this morning.... I was going to KL to attend PA tuition with my friends... I thought there would be less people taking the KTM as most of the people should have 'balik kampung' (back to their hometown) to celebrate Deepavali with their family, but.... it was not like what I thought! The train was full with foreign labours!

I dislike them very much, as they make me feel insecure... to me, they are bad guys =S
So, the train was quite full, but not very congested. Beside me, there were 4 foreign male labours sitting there, while I was standing with Hoon beside me.
I was unhappy with their behaviours in the train as one of them had turned on the speaker of the phone loud to listen songs! How can we do that in the train? To disturb all people? It caused us much discomfort.

Personally, I like to listen to songs, but then we have to be considerate, we should think of other people! When we are in the public, we should behave ourselves la.... if you want to listen, just wear the earphone la...
On the half way, Nee who was standing behind the seats of those guys, told us to stand at other places i.e with her, because... the guy holding the mobile phone (who was listening to the songs) was trying to capture 'special photos' of Hoon & Me !

Geramnya! I hate those guys! If possible, I wanted to slap them.... throw their mobile phone away, and scold them in the public! aih... but I didn't have the courage to do so...

Then, there was still a girl standing nearby the place we stood just now, so guess it, that guy continued to capture some photos of that girl! @($)_*&#$
Nee who was brave enough, closed the fold-type mobile phone for him! haha.... he didn't scold back Nee... maybe he knew he was doing the wrong thing and didn't dare to do so... but he acted like he did nothing wrong...
Sei Hamsap lou !!!!!!!! Really felt like wanna slap him!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
During the tuition, the guy sat behind me was a very tall guy. Okay, generally, tall people have long legs right? He has long legs. As the place was not wide enough for him to place his long legs, his knee knocked me on the back.... I felt so badly for that.... I'm sensitive to the 'touch' lar!
so, I tried to pull my chair forward a bit so that there would be much space for his legs, and to let him know I was feeling bad about that!
But he was like 'get an inch, want a foot'! He even stretched his legs straight.... and 'kicked' my legs!!!! oh my god.... I was so suffering and couldn't pay attention to what the teacher was teaching! If he was me, I guess he will feel the same lar.....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I met Xiao Chen today.... haha... she also attended the PA tuition today =p

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
After the tuition, Hoon and I went to Popular to buy something... another incident, an old man (not very old) approached us and asked money from us @@"
According to him, he had lost his wallet, and he came from Seremban wor.... so he had no money to go back, so he wanted to "borrow" (should he say borrow?) RM5 from us.......
aiks, he looked so pitiful, if I didn't want to lend him some money, I would be too bad lar..... but what if he was a cheater? I didn't know whether I should trust his words or not.... At the end, each of us gave him RM1 ... if he was really a cheater, then just let it be lor.... RM1 only mar... because if his case was a real one, and if I was him, I would feel very helpless.... Just hope that I didn't trust the wrong people again....

Don't cheat me ler, I'm very naive!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ok... cool down.... today is really a bad day for me...
I had a bad day~~~~~~~ modifies the song sung by Daniel Powter - Bad Day~

Anyway, Happy Deepavali but not "HAPPY Deepavali" lar....



Anonymous ~winnie~ said...

oh?i wanna ask u...was the man listening to the songs n capturing photos of u all a quite dark man?and was he wearing sunglasses?n was he listening to hokkien song or wateva song quite loudly?damn..i met him twice when i was in ktm..duno whether it's him..feel like slapping him too!!!

October 21, 2006 7:28 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

er, I'm not sure is it the same guy, but the song was also some kind of vietnam or those of foreign language...
Maybe, not only him but many of the foreign labours are doing these.... really 'hak yan zang'!
Soon or Later, M'sia may be having one more major race -- foreign labours!
*scary*! they are so inconsiderate and of bad behaviours~~~~~~~~~

October 21, 2006 9:52 pm  

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