Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lupa Makan!

*this post is written not long after the last post!*

you know, I have just found out that, I haven't eaten any food since I was back from exam! lolz! the Time now is 1.20am !

After having 'yumcha' session just now (as mentioned in last post), I went to 'pasar malam' at Wangsa Permai with Min Huey & Ai Feern, then reached home at about 7pm. Next, I sat in front of the computer, started to post my opinions etc in forums, i.e: &
After a while, I took bath and continued posting.... I have even typed the essay questions of Biology STPM and posted in the recom as reference for the fellow lower 6 juniors;

After busy posting those things, I wrote the last post in the blog, as you can see. Then.... until just now, I found out I didn't have my dinner... hahaha......that's why I am so hungry.... I'm too excited huh?

By the way, I have slimmed down! wow..... normally, we would gain kilos during exam as we would eat nonstop while studying.... but I'm of the opposite case this time! It might be caused by the stress etc, I didn't eat much and stayed up till late night....
oh yeah... -2kgs, happy! However, I would be happier if these 2 kgs can convert to 2A! lol
but hor... usually, once I have slimmed down, I would gain back the fats after that, hope this time it won't happen ~

Another thing, I have reduced the intake of Caffeine! yoyoyo.... actually I didn't drink much coffee because of 'heat', I scared I would get fever after drinking too much of coffee... I couldn't bear to fall sick~
And I also found that, the main factor causing my flu everyday last few months was also Caffeine, as the withdrawal symptoms.... If I am right~

ok, time to sleep... tired! The body is complaining, I haven't given it good rest since the first day of STPM.... I want to get rid of the pimples too!!!!!!


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