Monday, November 13, 2006


Now, my secondary school which was also where I had my form 6 study -- SMK Taman Ehsan is now only the place I will be sitting for STPM.
(what a long sentence it is!)

As mentioned in the last post, I don't need to go to school anymore except for that exam next week.

I have had my last (also the 5th) PA intensive tuition at Pusat Tuisyen Yakin last Saturday...
Mr Goh, the PA tuition teacher is indeed a good teacher, good in teaching, have good attitude and he's also responsible~ hehe... what a good Usahawan~!

He said he had just taught for a very short period at government school, then he set up his own tuition centre together with his partner, so he's an Entrepreneur (= usahawan)... he told us about this while explaning to us that a Usahawan doesn't mean that person must be a big boss~ He/She can be only a little hawker etc... as long as he starts his own business, and work for his own business.... =p

So, he's another good tuition centre teacher I ever had after that Mr Pang who taught me form 5 physics at IDJ (the tuition centre in Desa Jaya).

. my RM120 story.



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