Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the END of nightmare....

Today was the last day of my STPM.... my nightmare...
My last paper was Chemistry paper 2, I did it... very badly... very very bad! T_T
I am not really happy, although people said I looked happy....

If I have tried my best since lower 6, I wouldn't be so stressed during the exam periods, I wouldn't blame myself after stepping out from the exam classroom, but being so stressful and blaming myself can't change anything, there is never 'if', if only I know?

People tend to regret of what they have done after knowing the result, I'm one of those people. "If only I know" actually cannot apply on me, because I have known the result of being so playful since long time ago, yet I was still doing my way, this is so called 'sendiri cari pasal'. Well, so I can't do anything anymore, just wait.. and wait... and wait for the result, the UGLY result.

I think I've tried my best during these few months, at least I did try to study hard, far more harder than during the beginning of this year, but it couldn't help much.
The questions were hard, but to those who really put in their effort, they would think they were easy, at least easier than I thought.

Let me predict my result, 2B+ [ for math & PA]; and 2C [ for BIO & Chem]?
lolz..... and it's less than 3.0... Please, I hope for better one, at least don't turn out to be worse than what I predic, but STPM is not SPM, its standard will not be lowered too much just to make loads of straight A results, because WE are not the one 'they' want to help. (you know la...)

oklah, finish being so emotional lah..... what was done is done, just wait and see how lor.....
I should be relax, you know, the Stress I had during the exam was too much, very much!
I'd never think I would be so stressed up for STPM!
Tension, anxious, nervous, fear, insomnia, stress, irregular sleeping hours, any negative feeling & action you could think of.... bla... I had them, for STPM, for the 'unfair' exam, finally.... I'm free of them! ah.......................

After having our worst exam ever today, my class declared our Independence, Biology class obtained the Indepence the earliest among 3 classes!
We used small portion of our class fund to pay for our drinks at the Mamak Stall nearby the school, since not all of us were having a drink there, the money left was still much, and we had decided to donate the RM40 left to charity. So good & kind huh...
Today was also the very LAST day where we need to wear School Uniform! (but I do like our Grey form 6 uniform =p, nice!)
Sadly say, it's also the last day where we could be together sharing ups and downs.

U6S1 of 2006 is the BEST!



Anonymous Jeanne said...

1 more day, and it'll be my turn to merdeka... it's like...度日如年 T_T

December 06, 2006 10:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha..ha...chill down,gal..But your posts do scare me a lil'.I can feel the heat now ..eventhough the time is waayyyyy there for my STPM...,the alert bell has already rung in my head...*tit..tit..tit*..
Wishing u a flourishing new year..and happy holidays...
Stay cool..^^)

December 06, 2006 8:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey..i lupa to intro..he..he...it's me sunshine88.

December 06, 2006 8:15 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

to Jeanne: jia you oh! hehe...

to Sunshine:
thanks for paying a visit to my blog =p
you can read more of my old posts to understand more of my days of form 6, if only you have time la..
In fact, I don't mean to scare you all as lower 6 students, but I think I should make you all alert about the toughness of STPM, I knew it was hard, but my seniors didn't really warn us very much... so.. we just play play la....
thanks ya... and wish you can have a good year ahead =p

December 06, 2006 8:36 pm  

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