Friday, October 13, 2006

1st F6 Tuition

I will break my record tomorrow -- to attend tuition! Ehem, actually I'm just breaking my record of haven't attended any tuition during my form 6 life.
I will be going to Pusat Tuisyen Yakin with my classmates for Pengajian Am intensive class. Yea, intensive class.... haha... I'm too lazy to study PA, so I need something to push me to put more effort in my PA.... such a lame reason right...
just to waste some money (RM120, some!), waste some of my time to take KTM & to walk the-quite-long-distance to tuition centre.

sigh, what to do... I prefer doing Maths, studying Chemistry and Biology to read the dull-history-like Pengajian Am, which is in Malay language. My Malay language standard was far better during standard six, and it has deteriorated from time to time, it's the worst now!
I seldom read materials in Malay language other than PA, as other subjects are conducted in English now.

oh ya, Hoon and I have decided(99%) to join the trip to Langkawi as most of my classmates are going too, hehe.... it's just too bad that my 'ji mui-s' from other classes don't want to go... can't have fun together! Anyway, many people are so happy that Hoon is going, gee... *she is too popular and adorable?!*
The date had been changed to 18-20 December 06.

lalala, I went to school only for 2 days in this week, wah..... because on Monday, we announced our Own Holiday -- ponteng; Tuesday was the public holiday; and I was late on Wednesday -- I woke up at 9 am! So......... early right?! wakaka... geng ~



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