Sunday, October 08, 2006

da Birthday Party

Jin and I attended CKY's birthday party at his house yesterday....
wow, there were so many seniors, I think besides celebrating his birthday, the party had also contributed in gathering his friends, everyone was busy chit-chatting with each other in groups~
There were different types of food too, and we couldn't finish the food too as it was too much, hmm... CKY's family is good in cooking! Other than those cooked food available on the table, we could grill our own food too -- BBQ! I had sweated much =.=! too hot..... but the food was nice, yummy~
oh ya, his cake was very special too, it's not ordinary one but was made of jelly with 'cows' as decorations. Yes, his zodiac is 'cow' because he's two years older than me (mine is 'rabbit').
We were enjoying ourselves in the party although there was no special programmes other than eating, bbq-ing and chit-chatting, and lastly the presents-unwrapping.

Jin & I had met a new friend too, she's Sarah, the girlfriend of Andrew (who we got to know when we played badminton last time). She's a very friendly person, and is half-breed of Indian mixed with Chinese, while Andrew is half-breed of German and Indian. wow... if they get married, their children will be very beautiful huh? =p

Jin and I went home at about 12am.. early? nah... we are girls what... cannot go back too late, will be scolded lar! Anyway, it was a wonderful party ~


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