Friday, September 29, 2006

to go or not, Pulau Langkawi

I've just received my own copy of the STPM 2006 Timetable just now, well... it's the same as what I'd posted few days ago (of course the same lar.. haha).

Then, few of the committee members of Form 6 Society (new batch's) entered our class just now too, to tell us about an activity post-STPM -- TRIP!
Trip is organised annually by the society, especially for Upper 6 students to have fun after sitting STPM and to gather for the last time before getting busy again for working and maybe pursuing our study.
*Trip is one of the must activity to be organised by society, just like the prom night, haha.... we may say it as the tradition of the form 6 society? Everything was first created by the Pioneer batch, our seniors.

ok, finished crapping, the details about the trip?
Destination : Pulau Langkawi
Date : 18-20 December 2006
Fees : RM160 for SMKTE Form 6 students & RM170 for outsiders
------- excluded food
*edited on 13th October 06*

I've never been to any Pulau (island) before, except for ---- Pulau Pinang... muahahaha....
yes, I went to Pulau Pinang for the very first time in my life last year, it was the trip organised by my batch's society for my seniors after their STPM.

Aiks... they asked us to decide by next week, so fast huh? We cannot confirm 100% by that time actually, because many of us do not have mood to think about it (I have though...), and are uncertainty about many upcoming events.

I want to join this trip but depends on my friends' decisions too, if none of them are going, I will not join too, of course...

The price is affordable, in fact, it's quite cheap lar....
so... my decision will be dependent of my friends'...
Ok, I will study dont' worry, I haven't switched my study mode to holiday mode!

46 days to STPM
--is counted till 15th Dec -- although my exam will be starting on 20th Dec.



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