Saturday, September 09, 2006

加油哦 jia you

Someone is leaving Malaysia tomorrow, he's the first one among my closer friends who is going to study abroad, for medicine at India!
He's my senior, Neo, I'm really happy to know he can finally do what he wants to!
I believe he will be a great doctor in the future as he's kind-hearted, and hey, I will be having a doctor as my friend, hoho.... So, don't forget about your friends when you have become a doctor!

Actually other than him, I have other net friends who will be the future doctors, e.g: Peter Tok... then I will have many doctors as my friends lo... muahaha

I wish I am as hardworking as you.... sigh... by the way, I will try my best, still got only approximately 2 months for me to study crazily to chase back!
Besides, 人因梦想而伟大, when we have a target, a dream, we will be determined to do everything just to realise it (not by committing a crime of course). I don't have a dream, I am still blur about what I want to be, I've been searching the answer for long time. I do hope that I know what I want to be, just like Neo, he's so determined to be a doctor, he knows what he wants....
Okay, my target now is to pass the STPM with flying colours, others... think about them later on lor, I think I will know what is suitable for me when I get my result....

All the best to Neo, don't give up easily in everything, and don't study until become insane ya, if too stressful, take a deep breathe.... studying medic is so damn hard!

and I'll keep my promise to study hard lar, for my own good lolz, and I'm fine, don't worry ^_^
aiya, I will be losing a good 'chatting kaki' & good listener leh...because you will be very busy mah... anyway, thanks for using so much time to chat with me in the past, I've learnt quite many things from you actually.

Stay healthy, be happy and smile always.
Keep in touch ya & friendship forever.
the usual & so familiar message: 加油哦!


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