Friday, September 15, 2006

Stupidity Level Increased

My stupidity level has increased.....!
I know my result of this trial STPM will be very bad! My last paper will be Biology paper 2, next Tuesday.

Did I try my best? Both Yes & No
Yes for trying my best to study as many chapters as possible in these last minutes; No for wasting so much time in the past to play, to do useless things, to never think of the consequences, and as the result, I couldn't finish study all chapters and didn't do any exercise. Frankly said, I still have many many chapters to go, I didn't study those at all before other than listening to what teacher had taught in school. How can I get good result with this study method?

If I get good result this time, I will be very sorry for those who had studied so hard, because I am not deserved. So, I will get a bad one, the result which corresponds to how much effort I had put in.

Can I apply this method in the real STPM? Of course NO.
But do I still have time to chase back everything? Ya, a little time, try hardest or I will be regret.

Math result: 51 marks [half only....... CGPA of 51 marks = 2.33 only!]
I'm stupid.



Anonymous Jeanne said...

Hey stop saying that u r stupid... elaine very smart one :p JAI YOU!!

September 15, 2006 8:05 pm  

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