Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday & the midnight of Monday

Yesterday, my family went to Sunway Pyramid mainly to have our dinner at Hartz chicken buffet to post-celebrate my brother's birthday. However, we were shock to see that there was no longer 'Hartz chicken buffet restaurant'!
o.O when did it move?
aiyaya, we have lost a nice place to eat buffet cheap.... so guess... finally, we went to Pizza Hut to have our dinner instead =.="
haha, went long way to Sunway Pyramid just to eat pizza at Pizza Hut! My family seldom have our food at Pizza Hut because my mum doesn't eat pizza.... she is too picky lor... then, we had to order some chicken wings for her beside the combo set while we insisted to eat pizza.
*there are quite many people are picky in choosing food to eat! Hoon & Jin are some of them =p *
*it has been a long time I didn't go out with family on Sundays, the usual family day*

I had been doing my homework for almost the whole night after coming back from dinner. eh, I should say I started to do it at 12am. I had used few days time to search for information of the structures of the flowers -- Delonix regia (peacock flower) & Orchid, the result was, I couldn't find any of the diagram but only some details.
My class was doing the last biology experiment report which requires us to draw the dissected flowers. We didn't know how are the dissected flowers look like as we had no the real flowers unless we go to buy or find, and we were required to hand in the reports by Monday (today).

After one hour of thinking and searching through all of my biology books, finally at 1am, I found that actually my Fajar Bakti Biology vol.2 had them! Oh my god! Why was I so stupid to search on the internet but not my books first?
I took few hours to complete the drawing and to answer the questions.....

I had only about 2 hour-sleep, woke up a bit late at about 6.35am and was in rush. I sent my younger brother to Kepong Central KTM station as he was going to his college in Seremban today, ended his semester holiday. Yea, without clear mind, in blur state, I drove my aunt's Kancil (auto's) to send him..... (luckily I didn't knock anything) and then, returned to home, parked the car, and walked to school in fast pace!
so pity right, sent my brother by car but went to school by walking....

Last Saturday, I also went to sleep at 4am, yea... I am crazy.... because was in mood busy searching the information.
ok, time to sleep @.@


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