Thursday, October 05, 2006


yo, another festival has arrived!
Happy Mooncake Festival!

hmm.... I can still remember during my childhood, I would play 'tanglung' and candles with two of my brothers.... however, these recent years, I seldom played with them, maybe it's because I'm no longer a small child, don't have the mood and interest in playing them anymore ~.~

I was planning to have an outing with my classmates and friends to play 'tanglung' tomorrow night, but seems like most probably it will be cancelled as most of them are not in the right mood to celebrate this festival,... we just know to solve mathematics questions everyday @@"

*friends from other class said my class is even more silent than in library! hoho... imagine that.... we got bad results but we are hardworking okay! But I still cannot understand why teachers like to scold us! weird... we are following rules all the time yet we always 'kena'!*

aiyo.... want to be extreme like that meh? People are celebrating it while we are going to hide ourselves in the room to study and study? Pretend to be hardworking?
lolz..... but it's true that the time left is not much =.="
*hey, I think I won't be studying at the night later oh o.O might be going out, muahaha... see first lah... *
updated: I didn't go anywhere, but just studying at home!

Anyhow, hope everyone will be having a happy Mooncake Festival..... at least eat some mooncakes lor.... hehe....

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Kian Yong !
Today, 5/10 is his birthday oh, 21st !!!
hey, Happy officially-become-an-Adult Day!!!!
I will be attending his birthday party on this coming Saturday =p
(okay, another night will be used like that without maths, chem, bio, pa..........)


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