Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy 18th & 19th Birthdays

Today is 21st September and it's my younger brother, Yu's birthday!
Tomorrow is 22nd September, and it's my classmate, Min Huey's birthday ~
hoho, both of them are of virgo oh...

Happy 18th Birthday to Yu my good brother
he's always looks like my elder brother, because he's of big size =p
Hope he will become more hardworking, because he was too lazy lar....
he will be going back to his hostel next week for his 3rd semester of Aircraft Maintenance @ Tafe College~

Happy 19th Birthday to Min Huey, my dear classmate~
Thanks her for sending me home sometimes, hehe
So, our only target now is STPM, let us use the 54 days to the fullest.
Must be happy always oh, wish you become more leng lui... gee -- she's one of the leng lui in my class leh.


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