Wednesday, September 06, 2006

3/4 more.....

The "battle" of this week has just ended, that means I've finished 1/4 of my Trial Exam.

How was it? BADly Done.....

It was Mathematics T, 1 & 2..... sigh
99% I can pass this subject, but.... not with flying colours......
Math is the subject which I've spent most time to study.. Since lower six, I have been doing its exercises so frequently, yet I still couldn't do Math well!
Actually, I should say that the subject I have spent most time is Mathematics since young! I have quite-strong Math basic, and I'd always got more than 90 marks in the good old time....
well, it was Math, neither Additional Math (SPM's) nor Mathematics T....

However, although I've done many exercises, I admit that there are few chapters that I still haven't mastered such as Vectors, and also the Probability chapters learnt recently. I couldn't analyse the questions given and thus I didn't know how to solve them :[
I will master them after the trial exam end! I will do loads of questions!

Anyway, I think I won't take the course with Mathematics as main subject in the future!

I had ponteng yesterday and will ponteng tomorrow too, muahaha..... but will go to school on Friday for Chemistry revision lar....
I couldn't fall asleep easily these days. Whenever I tried to sleep in the late night,i.e: 2 - 3am, even I was so tired, normally it would take me 10 - 30 minutes to be falling asleep. Many things were in my mind....couldn't stop from worrying this and that although I'd tried to control my mind to rest.
I was and am too tension I guess. I would get nervous, panic and stressful easily, suddenly!

This is just Trial... and I have become so stressful! What if it's the real STPM? :S help...

*recently, we can see this icon --> in MSN!

My friends and I were wondering why~ this tortoise icon was put in front of their name, hmm... it's just a coincident or ????

edited: I was told then that the tortoise icons were purposely put in memory of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter who was killed by the sting ray last Monday. *salute him as he's a great guy who was full with courage and passions* May him rest in peace; However, why is the tortoise icon used while Steve Irwin was known as Crocodile Hunter? lolz, no crocodile icon is available in MSN ler...



Anonymous winnie said...

=)hi it's winnie here..hmm..haiz..the eyes to see man..
about the turtle icon's a sign to mourn the death of the crocodile hunter-Steve Irwin..sad case..=(..let's put it together~

September 06, 2006 7:09 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

yea, I knew about the meaning of that icon edi... thanks anyway
I have put it already, too bad was killed by that little sting ray!

aiks... Math! >.<"

thanks for visiting my blog ya
wish you good luck in the upcoming exam =)

September 06, 2006 9:49 pm  

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