Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yesterday I'd paid a visit to Irene's house, her father had just passed away.
May him rest in peace.
Losing someone we loves very much, it causes the greatest pain...
I couldn't ask her not to feel sad, because it makes no sense. I hope she can stay strong and recovered soon.
I actually can't imagine how will I feel if I am in the same situation with her... In fact, I did have a similar dream few years back, it was so scary.... helpless...

So, we must cherish the every moment we still can spend with our dearest ones or we will be regretted.

*Irene was my classmate for few years during primary education & also secondary education*
*I met Leslie, Wanbie, Pun, Serena at Irene's house too, they were my schoolmates/classmates, thanks for Hong to go along with me and be my driver, and thanks to Leslie to send me home*


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