Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Danny Leo =p

Happy Birthday to My Danny Kor~~~~~~!!
The LEO 'boy' muahaha......

Can't meet him in person, so I just wrote him a testimonial @ Friendster and sent him a sms right at 12am = 0.00 31/7/06
so, kor ah, treat that small bag with lion cross-stiched on it as your birthday present then =p

wish your relationship with your girl girl get better and better; stay health and happy always; work hard to earn big big money... hohoho
and Jin & I were really worried about you so much during your down time last few months, luckily you are very okay now, remember you still have your beloved family and your cute kai mui leh ~ smile always oh ^_^


Anonymous eNdLessWaltZ said...

thnx ya mui.. thnx for the caring and wishes o~ so nice having u as my kai mui... and thnx to kizu o ^^
miss ya all

July 31, 2006 10:49 pm  

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