Monday, July 17, 2006

Bad Monday

Today was a bad day.....

Firstly, at the very beginning of today -- 0.00am, I was waiting for a sms from 39003..... Finally, I received it from MPM after half hour later, written there, band achieved: 4
The fastest way to check our MUET result was through sms..... sigh... band 4.... it's good, but it's one band lower than what I was aiming at. Actually, I'd already expected that I would fail to get band 5, as I did badly for the writing and listening parts. Yet, I was still disappointed with this result.

We have not yet taken the result slip from teacher as she will only get it by tomorrow. So, I don't know about the real marks I get, either I get a lower band 4 or an upper band 4...
What should I do.... should I resit the exam? :S
I wonder, will it affect the application of admission to University, even if band 4 is enough to meet the minimum requirement?
Let's say, there are two people, X apply the undergraduate programme of a university with MUET band 6, while Y with only band 3 also apply the same course; and the minimum requirement is band 3. Both of X & Y meet the minimum requirements, so.. will this be one of the factor that affect the result of application? Will X who obtained the higher band have a higher chance to get this course than Y?
hmm... if there is no such thing, I think I will not resit the exam... waste time waste money and waste energy!.. although I would like to have the pride of obtaining high band..

oh ya, I want to congratulate Khoo for achieving the highest band -- 6! He's the only one of our sixth form so far! *clap hands*
2 of my best friends did well too, Jin & Ching got band 5 ~
Most of my classmates got band 4.
*so I will elaborate more on MUET after I get to know my marks!*

so, back to the story of 'bad day'.
Secondly, May had only taken the printed photos from the shop in Times Square yesterday. Those were photos of prom night and orientation. We all took the chance to have a look at photos this morning, during assembly... so guess what, Mr. Z (one of my teacher) confiscated the two photo albums with the reason we didn't pay attention to what teacher saying & "the rules" that we actually cannot bring photos to school (got this rule meh?)....bla bla bla...

Then, I tried to find him to take back the albums after the assembly but it was a failure. So I went to see him in the staff room during recess.... and he told me that he had forgotten where he had put them! so, Okay! I was so angry that time.
But actually he was cheating me, just to make fun of me. He then told me that the photo albums were on his table in the staff room, he told that after being 'scolded' by my classmates during his class... thanks mates! Hoon accompanied me to take back after school....
I was showing him long face after that incident the whole day... because I was really in bad mood after knowing my MUET result, and this irritating incident made me to be more unhappy... bad teacher!

Third incident, it's a bad news...
One of my classmate's mother had just passed away last Saturday. Sincere condolences to her...
I should be grateful that my parents are still here with me!
Luckily, she is the youngest daugther in her family... so her elder siblings are still able to take care of her...
We had paid a visit to her house after school just now. Before that, we had collected some money from students & teachers as sincere donations to her....
Hope she will be okay very soon~



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