Tuesday, July 18, 2006


  • Listening : 18 / 45
  • Speaking : 19 / 45
  • Reading comprehension : 119 / 135
  • Writing : 49 / 75

so the total is 205 /300 -- band 4

Almost all of us are not satisfied with the marks given for speaking.... I know I can't speak English well and fluent, but as I know, some of those who are weaker in speaking than me got higher marks .... sigh... Did I speak wrong thing? aih... aih!!!

For listening, I have already expected I would only get 18/45, that's only correct 6 out of 15 questions, each consists of 3 marks! I knew it right after that listening test... I don't know why I couldn't do it on that day... even if I could listen the recording very clearly, I just couldn't concentrate and then became panic... then I couldn't catch the content of the recording... ......
I had checked my answers with Khoo after the test, and found that I failed to get even half of them correct! And yea... He got all of them correct! 45/45 marks!

I'm satisfied to get this result for reading comprehension ... and for writing, I did badly, and hence it's not bad to get 49/75 actually, at least the marks I got is more than half, although it's not very good...

To resit or not? I have made the decision not to resit... after 'brainwash' session by our chemistry teacher.. haha... She searched for the details, i.e. the requirements needed for University application. All of the courses require only band 3 or band 4, and it's not a factor that decides we can get the course or not! MUET is just a basic requirement, and some of the courses in fact just need us to apply with SPM's English result with as low as 7D and 6C for 1119 English Paper!
After listening to her explanation, I am now more worried about the CGPA... I should concentrate on getting A for Biology, Chemistry, Math & PA!



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