Monday, July 31, 2006

Format (x2)

4am, what are you doing?
5am, sleeping sound?

I went to sleep at 4am on last friday night (Saturday early morning); 5am on Saturday night (Sunday early morning).
What did I do at those late/early hours until sacrifiying my time of resting?crazy.... Study? no.. I'm not that hardworking, test had just passed...... so...
I had been busy formatting my computer, at these two nights, which means I'd formatted my computer twice.

For the first time, I wanted to format my computer because I thought it was affected by virus or addware... when I was chatting with friends, suddenly there were many windows of Internet Explorer of MSN web page popping up nonstop.. until about 50+In fact, when I restarted my computer, it showed me that there was keyboard error, but I ignored it.

Then, I had used much of my time to format it, however, the problem still remained, I couldn't move the mouse cursor at all as it was so lagging... next, I restarted it again, and it showed the same error, 'keyboard error, no keyboard'.

o.O ... so... I shut it down, switched off the power supply, and replug the keyboard to the CPU. After few trials, it could work already! ooooh MY! That means actually I didn't need to format it but just needed to 'replug' the keyboard!
I'd used long time to install the programs such as Nero, Microsoft office, printer, browser, MSN etc.... @@"

On Saturday night, aiya..... this time, my computer was really infected by virus named as Parite~! why!!! headache lar..... I didn't know when did the virus intrude my computer!
so, I'd used a program to scan and to fix the infected files but failed. (I didn't install any anti virus program). The only way to solve this problem was to format the computer!!!!

These are the incidents which had caused me to sleep 'early in the morning'. Yea, you may think I could do the work after waking up right? I was too eager to fix my computer... haha... er... but lately, I'm really weak, and look pale (my mum said, and is so worried about me)

And, once again, problem occurred this morning (monday). The same problem -- keyboard, I guessed it's time for my old keyboard to retire huh... Luckily we had bought a spare keyboard last time, so I tried to use it instead of the old one... and problem solved! aiyoyo...

sigh, I'd planned to fully use my time of Saturday and Sunday to study, but at the end, I'd just done few simple mathematics questions! ...
These few days were my bad days, malangnya....


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