Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yum Cha (Drink Tea?)

hmm... reached home at 12.30am just now, back from 'yum cha' with my seniors.. I was invited by Wei Quan yesterday... and he paid for my drinks haha... (because I helped him to sell his books ler... yea I'm a good junior =p)
Jin was going with me too... at Selayang.
We went to WQ's house at about 9pm, and went to the spot by his car.. as we didn't know where was it..

There were 9 people of us (Fiona, WQ, Jin, Neo, CKY, CKW, LWL, another senior and me) chit-chatting at mamak stall (to be correct, it's a restaurant actually).
Most of the topics were about the recent life, their University life and we juniors' life as the upper 6... hmm.. most of them have started their University life, among 7 seniors there, only LWL is still staying at home doing nothing (maybe he's doing something though..)...
and Neo is now studying at UM! He appealed and got the Aliran Sains Hayat (life science if not mistaken)! Although it's not the course he wants, he just take it for temporary and seek for the chance to change course... congratz to him anyway... it's UM!
wish my seniors good luck in their studies ^_^

Fiona had shared her story of doing her assignment (psychology is the course she is taking at UTAR). They have to do some acting... e.g: pretend to faint suddenly at public place such as in the LRT.. and test whether the people around will offer their help or not!
it's so challenging.. hahaha... well, seems like Psychology is not a bad choice! I may consider about it ...

em, I had ordered 2 glasses of drinks just now... Neslo & Watermelon juice... couldn't help it because as many people have known it, I'm a 水桶 ... I can drink a lot of water!

Before we wanted to go back, we saw Arun and his gang! o.O
I was so surprised to see them there as they all stay at Sg.Buloh which is quite far from there.. lolz, anyway, he was the birthday guy yesterday... happy belated birthday to him.. teruklah he kena yesterday at school.. all of his friends gave him a "punch".

kidding, we said he could be baked in the oven as people threw him eggs & flour (those are the basic ingredients to make a cake!)

actually my curfew is 12.00am.. but I had only reached home at 12.30am...
mmm... surely I will be nagged by my mum later! (I am not staying together with my parents oh!)
By the way, my monthly test will be on 26th July 06, ... 4 days to go.. gambateh my friends!
* people said our STPM trial starts on 6th September... is it true?.. too fast lar!!!....*


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