Thursday, July 27, 2006

110 Days

These two days, yesterday and today, I was busy studying for my July Monthly test...
*should I actually say this test as a monthly test? hmm... we don't have test every month in fact, but we are used to say the test as the monthly test.. haha*

I'm now exhausted, eh... because hor... I had burnt the midnight oil again... I went to sleep at 3am or even later... As all of us know, it's impossible to get good result by using this study method -- study at the last minute (my habit though)... so can't expect my result will be a good one -.-
* I might fail my bio test!*

Tomorrow is the last day (3rd day) of the test, but for we who don't want to resit MUET, we can escape the test ~ so we are free now~
oh o! not really free lar... STPM is just 110 days to go from today!
study... study... study!


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