Sunday, July 30, 2006

Randomly... RANDOMLY!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a sms written "70452", but I don't know it was sent by who.... by that time, I still got about RM3 prepaid credit. Few minutes after that, a sms was sent from DiGi, notifying me the credit balance remained was -0.00 !!!

=.=" aiyo.... what had happened?!! I didn't download anything, I didn't request any downloads... and my prepaid credit was deducted without any reason?! Then, my youngest brother transferred RM3 prepaid credit to my number. When I checked the balance afterwards, oh my.. it was only RM0.20! @@"

so that means that unknown-source sms had costed me about 4 to 5 Ringgit Malaysia! Since it had charged me this amount of money, I tried to download the thing it sent to me, but I failed to connect! *geramnya saya!*

Then, I called the DiGi helpline to ask about this incident. The lady told me that the sms was sent out randomly by the third party, so they can't do anything... she just taught me to send a sms to stop the 'service' so that they won't send this kind of sms! At the end, I didn't send that sms as I copied the wrong 'command' & the number to send to, because that lady spoke unclearly...

oh ya, I forgot to clarify that I didn't go to subscribe to any company lately! The latest one I had subscribed was one year ago, and I'm very sure that I've unsubscribed it since very long time ago!
In my case, I got nothing even I have tried few times to download the so-called ringtone/pictures/etc................... I think there is no such service but they just simply send something to us to earn easy money! *angry*

The conclusion is, we may be charged for the sms/service we received that we have never requested before anytime ! It's not few sen but few ringgit!



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