Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taurus-es ; Juniors; Exams!

Firstly, let me talk about Birthdays...
Yesterday, 15/5/06 was Hoon's birthday, yeah... she's now 19 years old oh... same with me lor... my gang of friends shared money to buy her a "Lee Hom's" newest Album 盖世英雄. She was so happy... hehe, she likes Lee Hom so much huh?
Today, 16/6/06, is Neo's birthday.... erm... wish him good luck in his coming study and able to realise his dream lor... and be more handsome? haha..
Tomorrow, 17/5/06 is Shawal's birthday, she is my classmate who is one year younger than us.... so... she is now only 18 years old...
o.O 3 Taurus here.... and so Taurus-es are stubborn fellows neh... :D
*Tomorrow is also Lee Hom's birthday neh... another taurus.. haha"

My classmates had celebrated Hoon's & Shawal's birthday today during biology period just now. Yummy... got celebration, got cake to eat lor.. haha...
Since Shawal's birthday is tomorrow which is our exam day... so we celebrated both together ^^

Yo... Lee Hom's newest Album! (original one lar...)

Shawal & Hoon! Posing to blow the candle light...

not a complete class photo... Bukhari, Ning and Maitili were absent leh...

Back to yesterday, it was the first day of the 3rd batch of lower six students enter form six life ler.. Heard from someone saying that there are only SMK Ideal Heights' & SMKTE's students joining our school's form six for this year.
er... for temporary, I still haven't got to know any new Junior other than those I knew since last time. From observation, this batch of lower six students seem like so up-to-date and fashionable... some of them even have their hair dyed @@". Well, in fact there is someone from our upper six has her hair dyed and still able to 'survive' till this moment... and she is still able to hold a high position in Unit Keselamatan Awam.. wonder huh? How is she going to be the role model for the juniors?! sigh...
By the way, I believe their result in study will be better than us as many of the top students of SPM 05 are now studying lower six. The biology stream this year seems like having more guys compared to ours while physics' having more girls too... and both classes are quite balance in number of girls and guys. For Art stream, there are only few guys! Anyway, this observation might not accurate though... hehe
But these juniors are not as lucky as us because both science classes don't have their own classroom this year! Lower Six Art class is luckier and will study in the classroom next to the U6A. This incident happens because there is no enough classroom as they (the classrooms my batch was using) are occupied by form 4 now.... So they are studying in laboratory currently... pity neh... but they will 'stay' in our classroom by the time they become upper six lor.. haha...
*maybe school authority will do something else later... leh?*

aiyaya... how how how... tomorrow I'm having exam... it's Pengajian Am 1 & 2!
sigh... almost the whole contents of the book will be tested....but I still haven't studied till even half of them...
my exam timetable :
17/5 - PA 2 & 1
19/5 - Math 2
22/5 - Math 1
23/5 - Biology 1 & 2
25/5 - Chemistry 1 & 2

good luck to all of my friends in this mid year exam ;)
zzzzzzz there will be many pandas by next week... haha


Blogger StupidCupid said...

Wish u all the best for ur exam. so fast got junior already?? we get old so fast!!! it was just like yesterday when i finished my SPM...

May 16, 2006 9:30 pm  
Anonymous teikweng said...

wwow...this truly a birthday month full of surprises for ya..;)


ps.i like da background song..;)

May 17, 2006 2:50 pm  

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